Linus is part of our toothbrush buddy family of MyTeeth.

Linus likes sports

Linus thinks everything to do with movement is great. He likes to move quickly on the sports field and runs so fast that his heart beats really hard. Of course, so much activity makes him thirsty. That's why Linus always has at least 2 bottles of lemonade with him. One day Linus had a bad toothache so he went to the dentist. His dentist explained to Linus that lemonade is made of sugar and is also acidic which can attack his small teeth. After that first scare, Linus now brushes his teeth very carefully and properly. He learned that he shouldn’t brush right after drinking something acidic like his beloved lemonade, but instead, he should wait for at least 30 minutes. Linus has never had a toothache again.