Apple ToDo List 2019

Apple has reached a critical point. It has grown a lot, but with growth new problems arise. So Apple has to fix itself to deal with the pitfalls of its growth, to make its products and itself "Apple" again and to have a future. Steve Jobs is missing on many levels and many people still […]

Apple Music, you are so frustrating!

Finding artists I'm following I’m following some artists on Apple Music. Often, I would like to find back my artists list and access the complete discography of a given artist. Sound a legit request and it should be straight forward right? Well… No. Here's how you implemented it today: I have to tap “For You” […]

Say hello to Fluffy

Fluffy is new in our toothbrush buddy family of MyTeeth. Fluffy lives healthy Fluffy likes vegetables, fruits and salads preferably raw. She also loves nuts, roots and whatever else Mother Nature has to offer. When she went to the dentist as a very small Fluffy, the doctor praised her for her great teeth. Then he […]

Say hello to Alien

Alien is part of our toothbrush buddy family of MyTeeth. Alien is not from Earth She didn't have to brush her teeth on her planet because they eat smutmunkel. Smutmunkel is a thick gritty grain that humans would find terribly yucky, but everyone likes eating it on Alien’s home planet. And smutmunkel doesn't damage teeth […]

Say hello to Ben

Ben is new in our toothbrush buddy family of MyTeeth. Ben loves to laugh  Everyone loves to hear Ben laugh and see his smile - it’s contagious. Sometimes all he has to do is just show his crooked grin and people around him will instantly smile back. Ben likes to read funny books and can […]

Say hello to Lenia

Lenia is part of our toothbrush buddy family of MyTeeth. Lenia loves lollies She would love to keep one in her mouth all day long. But Lenia knows that lollipops are made of a lot of sugar. Sugar can destroy her beautiful white teeth. The adults and the dentist call them “C-A-R-I-E-S“. Lenia has learned that […]

Say hello to Linus

Linus is part of our toothbrush buddy family of MyTeeth. Linus likes sports Linus thinks everything to do with movement is great. He likes to move quickly on the sports field and runs so fast that his heart beats really hard. Of course, so much activity makes him thirsty. That's why Linus always has at […]

Say hello to Lisa

Lisa is part of our toothbrush buddy family of MyTeeth. Lisa likes listening to music You rarely see Lisa without her headphones. If you find her without headphones, she is usually dancing in front of a stereo. Lisa plays both the piano and guitar and makes up her own music. Of course, Lisa can't be […]

The Stories of Create Booklet

This is a story about you: Our User Through all of your mail we discovered all the million things people use Create Booklet for: Weddings, family newsletters, a story for your grand children, for churches and other communities and in concert halls. We also noticed how happy people were to discover Create Booklet and how […]