Finding artists I'm following

I’m following some artists on Apple Music. Often, I would like to find back my artists list and access the complete discography of a given artist. Sound a legit request and it should be straight forward right?

Well… No. Here's how you implemented it today:

  • I have to tap “For You” icon (ok).
  • I must scroll all the way down to find the Connect section. This is already irritating, because I'm scrolling a tons of things even not “for me” (but we'll talk about this later).
  • Then I've to click the small link text “followed”.
  • At last, my followed artists list will display, hurray! Legitimately, I tell myself, “lets tap on this artist to access all it's content”: Wrong. Beside unfollowing, there is —nothing— here I can do.
  • You just build up a lot of frustration, because beside making a classical search, there is —no— way to find back contents of an artist I love. Very embarrassing. When you like multiple artists, sometimes with complex names, etc., there is no way to remember them all. And yet, you Apple with the actual UI, expect it that way. How can you, with your legendary knowledge of user interface and user experience, create such a workflow preventing me to access the artists and using with pleasure a service I'm paying for?

Let's talk about the “For You” page

  • New Music Mix is not based on my tastes. And if you tell me it technically is, then the algorithm is a joke. Read my entire Library if you like, read my songs ratings, but for sake, don't propose me crappy today's RAP songs (R&B), when I do love Rhythm and Blues (the authentic one…).
  • Chill Mix: I've never asked for it… same as above…
  • Favorites Mix: I'm never using it. Why don't you provide users a way to personalise this full “For You” page layout?
  • Friends are listening to: This is fine.
  • Recommended Friends: Could be placed somewhere else, seriously, it's less important…
  • Recently Played: Ok.
  • Day Name's Playlists: I simply don't want this! It's not —ever— based on my tastes (or you failed). Stop bothering me with this section, really.
  • In Loop: Ok.
  • Day Name's Albums: If the algorithm was good, why not…
  • Artists Playlists: Here again, I simply don't want this! It's not —ever— based on my tastes (or you failed). Stop bothering me with this section, really.
  • New: If the algorithm was good, why not…
  • Connect Publications: well, artists I'm following are obviously not using this feature… (some do?). This is a waste of space for me. As requested above, please provide personalisation for this or allow to collapse sections.
  • Why don't you give me access to the songs I liked (♥︎). There is no way to find them back later if I didn't added them to my library. Did I say "frustration"?

Please read carefully Apple: When I'm browsing the “For You” page, every single time I see totally unrelated contents on my “For You” page, I'm building up one more piece of frustration and exasperation. One day, I'll stop with you and go from the competitors. Why not directly providing me with the list of my favorite artists and their last albums? Why not reading my entire library and my rated songs? But please, don't tell me to discover Hans Zimmer or Otis Redding when I own all their albums… In the end, what's even the point of paying a service that should take care of —my— personal tastes of musics if the UI is so wrong all along? I hope the service will evolve…