Apple ToDo List 2019

Apple has reached a critical point. It has grown a lot, but with growth new problems arise. So Apple has to fix itself to deal with the pitfalls of its growth, to make its products and itself "Apple" again and to have a future. Steve Jobs is missing on many levels and many people still […]

The Stories of Create Booklet

This is a story about you: Our User Through all of your mail we discovered all the million things people use Create Booklet for: Weddings, family newsletters, a story for your grand children, for churches and other communities and in concert halls. We also noticed how happy people were to discover Create Booklet and how […]

Good Grid on Kickstarter

GoodGrid is an amazing project. It is the first app proposing an edit approach for collages, mosaics, Polyscapes, etc. No more tedious work in a general power tool and no more fixed templates or fixed generators. Everything is editable and reusable. But a new idea is something no one looks for. You will use your collage app or your favourite power tool […]

Keep your iMac fast with an SSD

The iMac has always been my favorite Mac, since I got the very first one. Apple really made it a power horse when it allowed you to upgrade it with an i7. Lifecycle – How long to keep your iMac So how long should one keep an iMac before your should get a new one? When […]