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Through all of your mail we discovered all the million things people use Create Booklet for: Weddings, family newsletters, a story for your grand children, for churches and other communities and in concert halls. We also noticed how happy people were to discover Create Booklet and how much they suffered before they found it.

We want to give your story room here. We hope to inspire more people to use booklets for more things and maybe we can make it even easier to find Create Booklet if we know where people where searching for it and may be under which search terms.

What is your story? How did you discover Create Booklet and what are you using it for? Is there a need that is not covered yet?

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Here are your stories:

My name is Fiona Raye Clarke and I am a professional writer and community-engaged artist. I facilitate writing workshops with different communities in a variety of settings: in libraries, universities, writing studios, and arts spaces for youth, adult learners, and marginalized folks. As part of these workshops, I create a final zine containing participants' work and invite them to share their writing with an audience. I regularly use Create Booklet for all my workshops. It's a serious time-saver and allows me to easily make adjustments to zine contents and covers. Create Booklet has resulted in a lot of happy community members over the years and allows me to keep bringing great results to folks who need access and encouragement in their pursuit of the arts. So, thank you for helping to make arts-based programming accessible!
Fiona Raye Clarke

I play role-playing games, specifically Goodman Games' Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game (DCCRPG). I'd learned about it at a gaming convention and wanted to buy the rule book. The Kickstarter had completed and I was waiting for my order to arrive months later. Fortunately the company had sent out the PDF before the printed material was sent out.
I wanted to run a game of DCCRPG but didn't have a physical rule book. (I find having a physical copy of the rules is more useful at the table than relying on a digital copy. Less distracting, as well.) If only there was a program that would let me print out my own copy of the book, but not just a dump of two sided pages but something that would let me make my own book.

I learned what signatures were and how books can be put together via YouTube and other websites. Now I needed the software and that's how I found Create Booklet. I printed a 460+ page PDF to 115+ signatures, folded them, assembled them into my homemade book press, glued them together, and glued on a cover. A few hours later I had my own printed copy of the rule book! This would have been impossible were it not for Create Booklet and how easy it made it to generate the signatures, get the printing right, preview it, etc.

I've since printed more gaming materials (for personal use only) as booklets that are wonderful to use at the table.
Also, I still use that printed rule book. I did get the printed books from Goodman Games and they're great! Amazing artwork, a hefty tome. But I bring my little printed rule book to conventions and at least once at every convention someone asks, "What is that?!" I show them and they're amazed. "How'd you make that?!" I tell them the story and always mention Create Booklet.

Excellent product!
Jeff "kleefaj" Bernstein

I use your CreateBooklet workflow mostly for printing sheet music which I obtain via download, usually. I print double-sided on tabloid-sized paper (11x17 inch) and fold these in half and saddle-staple them. CreateBooklet  makes figuring out how to order the pages ("imposition") effortless. My favorite such piece of music is a work for organ piece which was arranged for piano 615-544-7031 , which I obtained from the person I heard play it on the piano in concert; the music is basically out of print so this was the only way for me to obtain a study copy of the work. So, thank you for your product and good luck with future endeavors.
Irl Smith

I am sufficiently old to still prefer efficient hard copy to flipping through web pages for permanence and easy reference,  and for some years I have happily and efficiently used Create Booklet to keep kitchen recipes from assorted stories, collections of dance instructions, etc., and printing User’s Guides for new software, much of which is now increasingly presented, if at all, in a disjointed and incomplete form (including that of Create Booklet, but we are working on that!).

It is so straightforward and easy to work with that using it has become an automatic response whenever it is required, and over the years I have accumulated several hundred good looking “Created” Booklets in various bookshelves around the house.
Angus Henry

When I was younger I used to write little childrens stories. After my marriage I got a whole bunch of nieces and nephews and when my youngest niece found out about the stories she wanted to hear them.
I was happy to have a little reader and printed one story as a Mini Booklets. So, she actually got a little book she could read and turn over pages. I could also sign the booklet and write a small text on the last page. She was so proud and loved it.
Bibi from TheKeptPromise (loving wife of Christoph)

My booklet story started with Apple: I got my first Mac and was mesmerized. I though if it was that beautiful from the outside it must be beautiful on the inside. I wanted to learn how to program on a Mac. So much documentation so much new to read. So you can guess, the first thing I wrote was the vey first version of Create Booklet in 2005 and it got me started. Every development guide was printed and red on the tram, sitting in the park or (forgive me for saying) on the can.

Today I use booklets whenever I want to read things in a comfortable way – I think on paper meaning I mark, comment and draw in my booklets. 

Once I had a way of creating booklets I used them for much more, they most unusual one to me was the miniature mothers-pass for my wife (I wrote about it in my Road to Create Booklet 2). This brought me to the idea for this article – there are many situations when your own little book simply is so much more wonderful than a stack of paper.
Christoph from TheKeptPromise (loving husband of Bibi)