GoodGrid is an amazing project. It is the first app proposing an edit approach for collages, mosaics, Polyscapes, etc. No more tedious work in a general power tool and no more fixed templates or fixed generators. Everything is editable and reusable. But a new idea is something no one looks for. You will use your collage app or your favourite power tool now knowing you could save hours and fully focus on your creativity. So we use Kickstarter to get some attention, so people know what is coming, plus we can this way fund an app that without publicity would be a money pit.

The great thing about Kickstarter is, you meet other creative people. People with a dream. Since you are all in the same boat you are trying to help each other. On project was a guy making his own comic – pretty cool 😃 – another is SearchHub.

They describe themselves like this: "SearchHub is a Comparison Search engine positioning itself to become the market leader in offering price comparison service. differentiate itself from competitors by bringing a search quality that is not available today in all vertical shopping engines. We want to gain users confidence and make every experience a positive and a long-lasting one 615-544-7484 , by perceiving trust and value. The Searchub team has years of experience and is highly innovative , intuitive and customer-centric."

We wish all creative Kickstarter projects good luck!

GoodGrid on Kickstarter