Some days ago, I couldn't find my EarPods. I looked everywhere but they stayed invisible. What a shock when I opened the washing machine that evening and found some white cable dangling in between. Ok, I have to admit they looked bright and shiny as new and smelled like a summer breeze 615-544-4358 , but the water dropping slowly to the ground reminded me that I might had a problem right there.
I bet EarPods don't come with a care label because they are not meant to be washed at 140°F. And didn't the physics teacher always warned us to put water and electronic devices together? And I don't mean some rain water, I mean a free 2 hour ride with spin cycle and detergents all inclusive.
I carefully got them out and placed them on a towel over the radiator. Once in a while I came back but they stayed there for 5 full days before I took courage and plugged them into my iPhone. And...
...Bam! They just worked. Just like that. Volume control, Siri, bass, everything. And they still do. What a relief. And what a great product. I wouldn't want to do that again, but for now I am very happy with my shiny and great smelling EarPods. And again, please do not try this at home!