What happened to you this day last year?

What were you doing?

With whom?

Our life is full of memorable moments. The first picture with our new love, the first window our son has broken or that one time your best friend made you laugh so hard in a café that all the other guests thought you were possessed.

But it is also the small and inconspicuous moments that make us smile - and every so often, those small moments are the ones which leave us with the greatest memories.

The problem nowadays is that our lives are so hectic that we don’t even find the time to reminisce. We just don’t get the opportunity to rummage in our chest of memories. We are too absorbed by the superficiality of our everyday lives.

Now, how to remedy?

The answer lies where we would never expect it - in our smartphone, the

modern symbol of our superficiality.

Paradoxical? Crazy? Maybe, but all the more effective.

We added a Memory Feature to our app Wit. The app periodically sends you blurred puzzles that only clear up when you make progress in puzzling.

And what will you see there?

A picture you took this day last year.

Just like the puzzle in the game our memory of that moment clears up step by step. The fact that we have to work to reacquire that memory makes it even more special.

Of course, you can send the puzzle to your friends as well, since it takes mostly at least two people to create a memorable moment. Remind your sibling of how you felt during racing your brains about your mum’s Mother’s Day present.

You can also decide on the level of difficulty before sending to your friends. Don’t wanna make it too easy, right?

Download Wit including the Memories Feature from the app store and start right away – in a year’s time from today you will thank yourself.