“We are very pleased to provide our clients with a tool which fulfills all the needs concerning booklet creation and printing and is yet very simple to use.” said Christoph Vogelbusch, CEO of TheKeptPromise. "We have extremely loyal customers, as Create Booklet goes far beyond what competitors offer. Yet we still had feature-requests and customers being overwhelmed with the complex topic of booklet creation. Create Booklet 2 is the answer to all those emails, it satisfies your every booklet need ."

To satisfy the pro users, Create Booklet 2 makes use of PDF boxes, allows custom impositions and much much more.

The Team is proud to open Booklet printing to everybody with these 3 key features:

1. Onboarding

Creating the booklet comes with a few surprises: Pages should be a multiple of 4, the page size should be half of the paper you use and best of all you can write your favorite booklet in any app you love.
Create Booklet 2's onboarding gets customers up to speed before they run into any surprises. It gives all the information they need to feel comfortable and gives them their first booklet: The help of Create Booklet 2 itself as a booklet.
During this onboarding, the app is also testing the printer to make sure that it's smooth sailing from here on out and even the first booklet is instantly printed perfectly.

2. Presets

On the quest of making the app as user-friendly as possible, TheKeptPromise introduced presets to Create Booklet 2. It makes even complicated booklets as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Load PDF
  2. Select a preset
  3. Print

"Select a preset by us or create your own. We are sure presets will be loved by all: beginners and pros." said CEO Christoph Vogelbusch.
Since presets make everything easy, Create Booklet 2 even includes a preset for a real book. Print, glue - done!

3. Automatic warning system

Create Booklet 2 has an automatic warning system. When you allow this many settings, things can go wrong. As soon as the program senses that something could be off with printing the booklet, it draws the user’s attention to the problem - before printing of course. Furthermore, Create Booklet 2 is not just drawing the user’s attention to the problem but also suggests ways of solving the problem.

The user-friendly approach is well received by the customers:

“OMG! This is about the best and most valuable utility I have found in a loooong time. Finally I can create and print booklets from within Quark XPress without having to pay a fortune for their Printcollection XTension. Thank you so much!!!” - Guido Henke

“Wow. I wish this existed years ago, or that I'd known about it. [...]. Thank YOU. “ - Mark

“THANK YOU for Create Booklet! I have used it several times now to print out playbills for my children's various school plays, and it has been an absolute lifesaver.” - William W. Lin

“I came across this site, and it was almost like a Christmas miracle 😉 Thanks so much for making and sharing Create Booklet. It works perfectly and really helped me out.” - Dan

“This Create Booklet may just save my wedding :)” - Tim

“Create Booklet is simply amazing. Drop dead simple to use and the results are perfect.” - Nate


  • Single click Presets like: Standard Booklet, Mini/Micro Booklet, Music Sheet and Simplified Book
  • Advanced Settings: Find anything you need and finetune Create Booklet for your product.
  • Custom Presets: Create your own Presets for your daily use. You can even mark it as default in the Preferences.
  • Booklet Factory: Process many booklets automatically. Apply the same presets to all or individual ones to each PDF.
  • Mini Booklet Imposition: Design complex impositions, based on how your booklets should be on the big sheet of paper. We support fold and cut as well as cutting the full stack of paper.
  • Manual Duplex: You don't have a duplex printer? Then this is the App for you!
  • Booklet Factory: Convenient batch procession built-in.
  • Create a booklet from any app: Our PDF Service lets you print directly into Create Booklet.
  • Direct PDF editing:
    - Add Empty pages
    - Add images
    - Add complete PDFs
    - Reorder pages
    - Remove unneeded pages
    - Split landscape pages into two portrait ones
    - Rotate pages
  • Export your booklet to a new PDF.
  • Instantly print from Create Booklet.
  • Online Help: Included documentation for the most common problems.
  • Select output print format and orientation.
  • Autocreate output paper size form the input document.
  • Decide which PDF boxes are used as media and as crop box.
  • Scale Pages based on fitting OR the input size.
  • Fine adjust and layout your PDF to the final output size.
  • Reverse booklet page order (allows right to left documents usage!).
  • Print pages in straight order, necessary in some specific use cases.
  • Support for auto-rotation of landscape pages.
  • Add page numbers with positioning and font settings.
  • Split thick booklets into multiple thin ones or to create a book.
  • Easily find booklet splits: Create Booklet adds an empty page in between!
  • Creep compensation! Shift content to the inside so you can cut off the paper stand out.
  • Easily staple booklets: Create Booklet adds staple marks on the first and last page.
  • Rasterize complete PDF documents. Can save corrupted PDFs!
  • Add a PDF crop box.
  • Print cut marks onto the first sheet of paper or all.
  • Create your own custom Imposition in our Mini Booklets feature.
  • Preview your cut guides before you print.


macOS 10.10 Yosemite or higher
64-Bit Processor
36MB of disk space
Localisations English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese
Family Sharing (Mac App Store): Yes
Rated 4+

Pricing and Availability:

Create Booklet 2 is out today for $19.99 USD on Mac App Store.



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