MyTeeth, brushing with fun

As you all know by now, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are waterproof. Not in the sense that you should go swimming with it, but enough to use it near the sink where some droplets won’t cause you an heart attack as they did in the past.

Now, what about using some apps that benefit from it?

MyTeeth is one of them. Developed by TheKeptPromise, and featured in one of Apple commercials, MyTeeth is meant to help parents (or anyone who deals with children) teach their kids how to properly brush their teeth… or tooth!

Place it near the sink and follow the onscreen animations. Your kid can choose one from any of the 4 characters proposed - there’s even an alien there! - and he or she will guide your child through the necessary steps as to ensure a proper oral hygiene.

But this is not just a one layer app, as all apps we develop, there's some science below!

Scientific background

The app has been designed to help parents and children alike.

Parents can read through the “How&Why” section and learn something more abut the different techniques to brush teeth that are proper for every different age in the growing process.

Children will have a “friend” to brush their teeth with. It might sound silly, but it’s actually very important and much thought went into that. Brushing with a character gives the kids the patience to really brush for the 3 minutes recommended by dentists and gives them the will to see him or her again the next day when brushing.

Secondly, and this is where it becomes interesting, seeing someone that brushes his or her teeth, and is happy about doing it, triggers in the brain what are called the “mirror neurons”, cells of the brain that are specifically programmed to activate when you do something or you see someone doing it. They’re meant for learning and empathy and this creates a bond in the kids mind that tells them that brushing is a pleasure and that they should continue brushing.

Final words

As for all the other apps we make, our deep desire is to have them in the hands of as many people as possible. For MyTeeth that's exactly what we did! There are two versions of the app available, two ways of looking at it. There's MyTeeth, the free version of the app that comes with just one character and where you can buy all the other's as in app purchase to support us and give your kids a little more variety. There's also "MyTeeth • all inclusive" 615-544-6650 , the version where you can buy the whole package all at once and you get any future new character for free.

In the end, this app will help parents teach their kids that brushing is certainly helpful, but it can also be fun! At this point, kids could become so enthusiastic about brushing, spitting and rinsing that having a waterproof device around will be really, really helpful! And if you don’t have an iPhone 7, start saving on the dentist by using this app and be a little careful with water!


Author's note: this article isn't a secret, and it shows. We're planning on releasing some "Behind the scenes" articles* in the near future on what happens during the creation of apps and what are the stories behind the many feedbacks we receive from customers worldwide.